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Ltd “Mega Star” was founded in 2014. The main business of the company was concentrated on the import of coffee beans and coffee machines from Italy and Holland to Georgia. Ltd Megastar is also the official distributor of Premium coffee brand “Pelican Rouge” and “ICS Vending” from Holland.

Ltd “Mega Star”  was one of the first one who started the process of take away coffee, establishing the implementation of the new standards of coffee consumption in Georgia as its main aim.

Company mission is to earn the trust of customers, employees, partners, community and to contribute to good development and prosperity.

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The Pelican Rouge brand originated in Belgium in 1863 by Joseph van Leckwyck and his sons. The family was among the first to trade roasted coffee in Europe. They wanted to provide affordable coffee to their customers of the highest quality. They now have an extensive product range to cater for a vast array of coffee tastes. The Pelican Rouge coffee specialists use a state-of-the-art slow roaster to roast the green coffee beans to the point where they deliver maximum color and moisture consistency.

Bianchi Industry, a brand led successfully by the Trapletti family, is a leader in the production of automatic vending machines and professional coffee machines for the vending and Ho.Re.Ca  sectors. The company embraces the Bianchi Vending and Brasilia brands, offering made-to-measure solutions for every market. The company is currently a solid organization, focused on the future, capable of foreseeing consumer demands and of providing the “tomorrow” of vending today. The Group is considered a market institution, considering its many years of experience and the continuous technological evolution that characterizes its product ranges, which include ever-increasingly integrated, interactive and intuitive machines.

Saeco was a small enterprise started in 1981 in Italy, in Gaggio Montano, near Bologna. In 1985, it was the first company in the world to develop the “bean-to-cup”, a completely automatic and innovative Italian espresso brewing system, from the coffee bean to the cup.Since then, Saeco has been developing coffee machines that can satisfy the tastes of people with different lifestyles, in and out of the home, in the consumer and professional channels.The purchase of the „Gaggia“ brand in 1999 strengthened its purpose of providing Italian excellence in the coffee sector.Those years saw the definition of the “Vending & Professional” Division of the company as an autonomous production unit focused on the out of home sector, able to provide top solutions for the Office, the Ho.Re.Ca. and the vending markets.